In the same way that in the last three years, I’m going to make a retrospective of my year reviewing my goals and checking if I fulfilled my objectives.

The first step is to review the year in a personal and professional way and if I have met with the goals that I set to myself.

Here we go with my 2019’s summary.

2019 was a strange year with some changes in my personal and professional life. It was a year with a lots of ups and downs but with a successful outcome.

  • I managed to finish a half-marathon
  • My team has grown to six members. One year ago, we were a two-member team.
  • My health is so good.

Now, time to review the goals

  1. Learn English seriously. I have not been able to fulfill this objective, however, I’m attending twice a week to English lessons, so even though my English level has not improved, I’m training several times in the week with a great teacher which allow me to improve my English level
  2. Read books Great job with this goal! More than six books per year is a great number. I know that reading one book every two months is not an impressive number but for me it’s okay.
  3. Attend conferences and improve the nertworking. Another good news, In 2019 I attended two important conferences in the software world at the national level. In June I attended the JBCNConf and in November I attended the Commit Conf. Besides, my networking has improved in the JBCNConf since I attended to the networking party. https://twitter.com/davromalc/status/1133089820455120896
  4. Give a talk or workshop. The best job! It has been a positive surprise of the year. I gave my first talk as the main speaker and it was a great success. 48 attendees and incredible feedback received was the result of the talk. Even several interactions on twitter with my personal account or my company’s account.

Kotlin talk

I was astonished by the result of my talk and I was very happy. On the other hand, It was a very hard job and I think it’s difficult for me to give a talk like that in the future.

With the lesson learned from last year and what I want to be in 2020, these are my goals for new year.

  1. Learn English seriously. This goal has to be the most important in 2020 again, I should get a certification higher than the one I already have to keep the progress I’ve had since last year. I must learn as much as possible. I think I have had a very good progress that I must strengthen and maintain in 2020.
  2. Contribute to an open source project The most beautiful goal. One of my ambitions in my professional life. I want to contribute to one of the most famous open-source projects like Spring Framework, Jenkins, Elastic, etc… There are a lot of issues labeled as good for beginners so I have to research in the GitHub repositories and contribute to those projects.
  3. Read books. Last year I read 6 books, so this year I have to read even more. I should combine personal and professional books. I have to keep the same pace.
  4. Publish at least six posts My blog was the great forgotten last year, and therefore I have to resume this beautiful task.

Besides, I have an astonishing goal this year: Run a marathon. In detail, I’m going to run the Seville marathon the next February. This goal is one of the most important challenges that I will deal with it and it’s the goal that more enthusiasm produces to me.

Instead of reviewing these objectives annually, perhaps I should review these objectives quarterly.

Let’s do it that I’ve been a day late!