This post is becoming a tradition in my blog as I have been writing for the last three years. The first time I wrote it was because I saw David Bonilla’s post with his year purposes and it seemed to me a very good practice of retrospective and review for my personal goals.

Following in the steps of David Bonilla, I will start by reviewing how the past 2018 was for me and if I have met the goals that I set myself.

Here we go with my 2018’s summary.

  1. Learn English seriously. Although I have not been able to fullfill this objective, I think I can also be happy as I have managed to obtain an English level certification in Cambridge, something that seemed far in the past. It’s true that I’m still not at the desired level but working hard every year I’ll get the milestone sooner.
  2. Lead a healthier life. It has been the positive surprise of the year since I have achieved to lead a much healthier life, lose weight and be less stressed. Maybe this goal will not be on the list for 2019 but I must never forget it.
  3. Attend conferences, talks and events related to the software. Another good news, In 2018 I attended two important conferences in the software world at the national level. In June I attended the JBCNConf and in November I attended the Commit Conf. This events were awesome, besides, I enjoyed and learned a lot and I would like to go again in the next year.
  4. Get a certification Because I have focused on other goals such as studying English or attending events, this goal has been the forgotten one of 2018. Right now it does not motivate me much.

On a personal level, I’m happy since I have published twice as many articles as last year in this blog and I have also given my first talk at a professional level.

With the lesson learned from last year and what I want to be in 2019, these are my goals for new year.

  1. Learn English seriously. This goal has to be the most important in 2019 again, I should get a certification higher than the one I already have to keep the progress I’ve had since last year. I must learn as much as possible. I think I have had a very good progress that I must strengthen and maintain in 2019.
  2. Read books. I have bought some technical books during the last two years and I have only managed to finish one. Therefore, for this new year as a goal I must have read at least three books.
  3. Attend conferences and improve the nertworking. Following the trend of 2018, I must continue attending conferences related to the software and not stay there. I have to do networking since I can know great professionals and great people in these events.
  4. Give a talk or workshop. I think this could be a great goal for this new year and that it can give me a new way in my professional career. I have always liked to teach others everything I know and maybe this is another way to do it.

Instead of reviewing these objectives annually, perhaps I should review these objectives quarterly. I will check it throughout the year.

Let’s do it that I’ve been a day late!