Today, I have readed the Bonilista’s newsletter how every Sunday, for more than 18 months, and it made me think thant I should also make a list with my goals for the new year, and at the same time analyze how gone 2017 because I need to know how the year has gone to know if I’m on the right track or if I’ve lost my way.

Here we go with my 2017’s summary.

At the professional level it has been an excellent year because of my new position at Sngular. I joined to my new company in August and since them I have learned many technologies and techniques. In my new position I can enjoy my work and I have not suffered stress. The workload is managed with mastery which allows me to focus on doing quality work. In my last position I was happy too, but I needed new challengues.

Let’s review how the 2017 goals have been:

  1. Work from home one day a week. Since October, in my company we can work from home one or two day a week, nevertheless, I’m not working from home due the comfort and closeness I have right now. I think this goal is achieved above all because I have the possibility of working from home anytime.
  2. Learn to disconnect from work. This goal is still in progress because of this problem I will always have. However, I have to improve my free time because the more relaxed I am, the better performance I will have.
  3. Lead a healthier life. :warning: Being consistent, this goal will always be in my list because really I should always kept this goal in mind. I cannot be a great developer if I do not lead a healthier life.
  4. Learn English seriously. The most important goal of 2017. In the first semester of the year, I forgot this goal but in the second semester I have been studying two days a week. At the beginning, I was studying only with two Apps (Duolingo and Babbel), but since December, I am studying with more resources like a native teacher, and cambridge’s resources. The next 27 of January, I will do the Cambrige examn. I want to obtain an english certificaiton. Some steps I have walked, such as writing all my posts in English. Blog
  5. Attend conferences, talks and events related to the software. I mark this goal as failure because of I have had near to achieve it. I followed some events online and watched by streaming. I mark this goal as failure because I could have been in the Codemotion but because of clumsiness I did not go.

On a personal level, the truth is that I have achieved few milestones, mainly for being very focused on my professional life.

  • I have not managed to obtain a certification in English, that is, I have to learn English seriously.
  • I have published only three posts in this Blog.

With the lesson learned from last year and what I want to be in 2018, these are my goals for new year.

  1. Learn English seriously. This goal has to be the most important in 2018, I have to obtain an official certification and I have to learn English seriously. Without excuses, I must learn as much as possible. I think I have had a very good progress that I must strengthen and maintain in 2018.
  2. Lead a healthier life. As I said before, this goal will always be on this list. Food and health should be a priority to avoid states of anxiety and to carry out a healthier life. I cannot forget this goal in 2018 and I must put many means into it.
  3. Attend conferences, talks and events related to the software. Last year I followed from Twitter and Streaming, with much envy, many events related to the software community, like tarugoconf, codemotion, sevilla-jam, agile spain, etc … If I want to continue learning and growing in this community I must learn from better and it is clear that the best are in those events.
  4. Get a certification I think to get a certification could be beneficial for my career. Maybe AWS cloud certification or Java Certification may help to me to improve my knowledge and my skills. And not only get a certification, I must also read the books I have pending (Clean Code, Clean Architecture, Java Effective Version 3) and all the books you consider relevant.

Honestly, I have to be realistic and focus on what is most important in order to achieve all the objectives.

Let’s do it!